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ICU-Day #: day
Cardiovascular System
Lactic Acid: mmol/l
Pressure Adjusted Heartrate:     or...
MaxCVP: mmHg
Corresponding HR: min-1
Corresponding MAP: mmHg
Intraaortic Balloon Pump:
Ventricular Assist Device:
Respiratory System
Patient intubated:
Renal System
Serum Creatinine: mg/dl or µmol/l
Hepatic System
Serum Bilirubine: mg/dl or µmol/l
Hematologic System
Platelets: x103/µl
Neurologic State
Patient: Adequat/Cooperative
Confused Conversation
Diffuse Neuropathy (Diffuse Neuropathy includes
Signs and Symptoms of Stroke
or Cerebral Hemorrhage)
Additive CASUS: of 40 points
Logistic CASUS: %